Umbagog is the name of one of the most pristine wilderness lakes in all of the United States. It is located on the border between Coös County, New Hampshire, and Oxford County, Maine. The origin of the word is from the Abenaki Indians meaning “shallow water” and I have been told the proper pronunciation is to the stress the second syllable as in “um-BAY-gog”, however I prefer to say it incorrectly as I always have as: “oom-BAH-gog”. Just saying this word wrongly instantly makes me happy of heart. It is one of my favorite places in the entire world. The sky is marked with eagles and osprey, moose graze along her marshy shores and otters play friskily in her wake. I love being on its quiet waters casting my line for the copious and voracious monster smallmouth bass it holds.

“Oom-BAH-gog” is a perfect cigar for my time upon her waters. It is robust and durable, designed to endure the rigors of outside activity with its thick broadleaf capa and easy burning liga. This is a cigar that doesn’t pretend to be special or seek to elicit the “oohs or aahs” of the cigar snobs. It is an honest, hardworking cigar that is meant to be smoked, chewed upon and lit however many times you wish. For me, it is the perfect cigar for mowing the yard, hiking, four wheelin’ and of course, fishing!

Tasting Notes

Earthy with coffee notes and a nice punch of spice. A robust, durable cigar that is perfect for any environment.

Liga & Strength

Connecticut Broadleaf


San Andreas Negro





FrontmarksVitola/SizesCaja Format
Churchill7.00 x 50Bundle / 10ct
Gordo Gordo6.00 x 56 ParejoBundle / 10ct
Toro Toro6.00 x 52 ParejoBundle / 10ct
Corona Gorda6.00 x 48 ParejoBundle / 10ct
Robusto Plus5.00 x 52 ParejoBundle / 10ct
Short & Fat4.75 x 56 ParejoBundle / 10ct
Umbagog Tripa