Red Meat Lovers

Red Meat Lovers is a top shelf, maduro liga that was created intentionally to be smoked after enjoying a heavy meal of steak or prime rib.  The blend was developed while simultaneously consuming “chuleta de dos lomos” aka an export grade of prime Porterhouse steaks in Nicaragua with a varied selection of fine post digestif whiskeys and espresso.

Originally created at the request of the Red Meat Lovers Club to smoke at their charity dinners, it became one of the most successful annual single store exclusives in the market. So it is with great pleasure that we have secured the rights to share this wonderful Connecticut Broadleaf cigar with all our Purveyors. Offered in three classic trunk-pressed formats with a spicier, stronger “beef stick” variation in a unique flat capped, closed foot Parejo vitola. The RML collection of cigars are the perfect puros to pair with hearty meals and libations, or for whenever a robust, dark maduro is desired.

Tasting Notes

A rich, meaty dark liga that is the perfect full-bodied smoking experience to compliment a heavy meal or a stout beverage.

Liga & Strength

Connecticut Broadleaf


San Andreas Negro





FrontmarksVitola/SizesCaja Format
“Porterhouse”6.00 x 60 PrensadoSLB Box / 10ct
“Ribeye”6.00 x 52 PrensadoSLB Box / 10ct
“Beef Stick”6.00 x 48 ParejoSLB Box / 10ct
“Filet Mignon”5.00 x 54 PrensadoSLB Box / 10ct
Red Meat Lovers Tripa